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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events



Alicia Baker, Northern Utah Academy of Math, Engineering, and Science (Layton, UT)


Organization of the Year: Utah Healthy Living
Business of the Year: Miss Essie's BBQ

Educator of the Year: Milton Collins

Community Servant Award: Shawn Newell

Social Justice/Civil Rights Award: Lex Scott
Philanthropist of the Year: To Be Announced Later

Superior Service Award: Bro. Brian Lanier


Bro. Emmette Cornelius, IV.
Omega Man of the Year

Ron Stallworth
Citizen of the Year


2019 Achievement Awards Winners2

Thank you for your help          
The Members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. would like to thank our Achievement Awards judges for their tremendous work in selecting this year's award winners:
High School Essay Awards Committee
Principal Frances Battle, Nibley Park School (K-8)
Mrs. Gloria Wilkinson
Mrs. Kaletta Lynch, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Dr. Tamara Stevenson, Westminster University
Dr. Nicola Corbin, Weber State University
Dr. Steve Bell, University of Utah
Mrs. Glory Johnson-Stanton, Salt Lake Community College
Mrs. Frances Battle
Mrs. Adrienne Andrews, Weber State University
Dr. Laurence Parker, University of Utah
Mr. Eliot Sykes, University of Utah

African American Male Scholars Committee
Dr. Laurence Parker, University of Utah
Dr. Steve Bell, University of Utah
Achievement Service Awards Committee*

Citizen of the Year

Pastor France Davis (2010)

Mr. Darius Gray (2011)

Dr. Ivor Benjamin (2012)

Dr. Ronald Coleman (2013)

Ms. Kathleen Christy (2014)

Mrs. Gloria Wilkinson (2015)
Dr. Larry Fannin (2016)
Dr. William A. Smith (2017)
Mr. James Jackson, III (2018)


Lottie B. Wilson (Woman of the Year)

Mrs. Eva Sexton (2011)

Ms. Vanessa Washington (2013)

Mrs. Gloria Wilkinson (2015)
Ms. Karina Villalba (2017)


Social Justice/Civil Rights Award

Dr. Forrest Crawford (2011)

Mrs. Betty Sawyer (2012)

Judge Shauna Robertson (2013)

Ms. Debra Daniels (2014)

Ms. Jeanetta Williams & Mr. Raymond Christy (2015)
Mr. Michael Clara (2016)
Atty. Nubia Pena (2017)
Rep. Sandra Hollins (2018)


Educator of the Year

Ms. Kathleen Christy, Salt Lake School District (2010)

Mrs. Frances Battle, Nibley Park School (K-8) (2011)

Dr. Jacqueline Thompson, Davis School District (2012)

Mr. Ike Spencer, West Lake Jr. HS (2013)

Dr. Wilfred Samuels, University of Utah (2014)

Dr. Joyce Gray, Riley Elementary School (2014)

Dr. Forrest Crawford (2015)
Mrs. Michelle Love-Day (2017)
Dr. Nicola Corbin (2018)


Community Servant Award

Mr. Larry Houston (2011)

Mr. Gerod "Butch" Sawyer (2012)

Rev. Jay Ragsdale (2013)

Dr. Paula Smith (2014)
Mrs. Marian Howe-Taylor (2017)
Adrienne Andrews (2018)


Business of the Year

Zions Bank, Mr. A. Scott Anderson, president & CEO (2011)

Auto Pro, Mr. Guiteau “Mike” Leveille, owner (2012)

Brighter Day Productions, Ms. Emma Houston, owner (2013)

Mr. Vics Digital Photography (2014)
Goldman Sachs (2017)
African American Chamber of Commerce (2018)


Organization of the Year

Colors of Success (2010)

Delta Sigma Theta (2011)

Project Success (2012)

Northern Utah Coalition HIV/AIDS (2013)

Calvary Baptist Church (2014)

Upsilon Beta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (2015)
Salt Lake Community College (2017)
Boys & Girls Club of Utah (2018)


Philanthropist of the Year

Paul Millsap and Family (2011)

Carroll & Donna Morale (2012)

Kem Gardner (2013)
Mrs. Lisa Eccles (2018)


*Achievement Service Awards judges are alumni/alumnae award winners who assist in the nomination and selection of awardees.

When Omegas come together in Unity, we make life better for others whom we touch!
We are making a positive difference in the lives of the children at the Boys & Girls Club!

Salt Lake Community College continues its support as THE Corporate ROYAL PURPLE level Sponsor of the Community Educational-Social Outreach & Back-to-School BBQue, Talent Hunt Program and the Achievement Awards Ceremony

Salt Lake Community College

Please click on the image above or on this link to learn more about the exciting things at SLCC

We will be providing opportunities very soon for membership! If you are interested, contact Bro. Maurice Mapps at

Opportunities exist for both undergraduate and graduate membership. Click on the following link to learn more about our Membership Selection Program.

Omegas doing our duty to help our fellow brothers and sisters in need:
We Feed the Homeless every Wednesday and every 3rd Sunday