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Lottie Wilson (Only Woman Omega Member) taken from the 1961 Oracle

Lincoln University, Pa.


In a big hotel structure on Lincoln University, Maple Avenue, lives a Woman whose life is vital not only to Omega Psi Phi, but especially to the history of Beta chapter, the second of Omega's birth. Meeting this great lady is an experience within itself.  You see a rather small, gray haired lady, with sparkling eyes and a radiant countenance.


Logic tells you that this lady is far up in years, because she's been a part of Lincoln since 1901.  Yet she is so young in spirit, in thought, and in action. She has lost none of her zest for living and when shaking her hand, you are astonished at the firmness with which she meets your grip.  This woman's life symbolizes all lives that have been given to the service of mankind. Hers has been a life of service to the men of Omega Psi Phi, Beta chapter. After Alpha chapter was founded at Howard University in 1911, the founders decided that the second chapter of the fraternity should be located at Lincoln University, Pa. 


When Founder Love visited Lincoln University in 1914, he was told by the faculty that they would not give recognition to a chapter of  Omega Psi Phi on this campus.  Founder Love and those interested Lincoln men left the faculty meeting full of sadness.  Thus begins Lottie Wilson's part in Omega Psi Phi, Beta chapter. As the dejected men were on their way to see Founder Love board the train back to Howard, they passed a lady sitting on her front porch.  Noticing their very somber faces, she asked them about their problem. 


The young men relating their story to her, touched Lottie Wilson's heart and Beta chapter was founded in her home that very day.  Lottie Wilson was also inducted into the fraternity.  A number of the early conclaves of the fraternity were prepared and given in Sister Lottie Wilson's home. She has been Beta's guiding beacon ever since.  She remains Beta chapter's friend, counselor and advisor.  She has given almost fifty years of her life to the Omega men of Lincoln's Beta chapter.


Her brothers of Beta chapter say, "Ring those bells for Sister Wilson, let her know we love her so."  Our sis, Lottie Wilson, the only Woman Omega.